Savannah Sweetwater

Mystery Author

Books by Savannah Sweetwater


Hope and Fate

Country Girl Mysteries Book 1

Life for Hope Atwood has always been simple collection of church bazaars, homemade biscuits, and country picnics. Raised by two devoted aunts, Hope ran through life barefoot and carefree until the summer before she turned eighteen when the body of a mysterious stranger appeared in the creek behind her house. The stranger’s identity was only the beginning of the mystery.


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Fall's Hope

Country Girl Mystery Book 2

Winter is coming and Hope Atwood’s life has taken more twists and turns than she could have imagined. With her eighteenth birthday looming, Hope finds out about the skeletons in her closet and a mystery that hits a little too close to home. But with the danger comes an unforeseen blessing that changes everything.

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Beyond Hope

Country Girl Mystery Book 3

With the coming spring Hope Atwood has transitioned from a naïve girl to a young woman. The ghosts of her past still haunt her, but life has begun to look up. Just when the future begins to brighten for her once again the death of a dear friend threatens to upend everything. Once again Hope is thrust in the middle of a mystery. But this time, it will take more than luck to help her break free.

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Hope Springs

Country Girl Mystery Novella

In this short novelette that follows the third book in the series, Hope Atwood's life finally begins to take an upswing. A pathway to her future is clear. And family begins to mean more for her than ever before.

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The Letters

A Short Story

The letters came once a week, twice if he was lucky enough. For twenty years on Harper Mason lived for another missive from her, from Fiona. Back and forth they wrote about the insignificant matters in life. Between the lines lived their passions and hopes and dreams. She was the love of his life, his heart and his soul. "He could feel the indentation of the pen in the paper. The words, the weight of her words, stirred him. In his mind he saw a feminine hand, thin and delicate, gliding over the page with a swan's grace."
And now she posed the question to him, should they meet?

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Hitch and Miss

Looking Lake Mysteries Book 1

Dixie Taylor left behind her Oklahoma childhood for the sunshine and beaches of Santa Monica, California. Twenty years on, her pampered life revolves around shopping and parties and wine pairings. But when her husband goes missing, the world she has known begins to fall apart around herself and her teenage daughter, Paige. Can she find a new life far away in the Oklahoma hills? Or will her life unravel completely before she has a chance to find out?

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Home Sweet Hitch

Looking Lake Mysteries Book 2

Life in the Oklahoma hills is in full swing for California girl Dixie Taylor and her daughter, Paige. What they thought would be a luxury life in a mansion on a lake turned out to be a meager existence in an old trailer, still on the lake but without the luxury they expected. But life isn't all simplicity and bliss for this pair. Will the dangerous circumstances that drove them from tehir California home destroy everything they have going for them now? Or will the hunky local cop who seems to have eyes for Dixie step in to save the day?

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