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Recommended Book - The Scent of Distant Worlds

Where do you find the next book you just have to read?

I rely a lot on recommendations from friends. One day a friend might tap me on the shoulder (often digitally) and refer me to a book they have just read.

Of course, that goes the other way, too. Plenty of times a bad review from a friend has steered me clear from a book.

Life's short, you know. Read good books, I say.

That said, I've got one to recommend to you. If you like science fiction at all, you are going to love The Scent of Distant Worlds by W.D. County. This guy, he's one hell of a writer.. Originality is definitely one of his strengths..

But so is relatability. This is not a sci-fi world you will get lost in. It is one that you will find characters you can root for, or hate, or sit on the edge of your seat and wonder how they will make it.! 

In The Scent of Distant Worlds a ship from earth travels to a distant planet with a small crew. The main character is a Native American scientist who is in it for the science and discovery. But when they get to this unknown place they soon find that all is not as it seems. 

And that's all I'm going to give you. Seriously. Give it a read yourself.

From the blurb:

The Scent of Distant Worlds explores an astronaut's inner struggle between science and spirituality that mirrors her battle for survival with a race of intelligent plants.
For exobiologist Cassie Clearwater, the chance to explore the planet Obsidian is the opportunity of a lifetime. The austere black world has liquid water and a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere that might support life. She discovers a mysterious species of plant that emits copious quantities of complex chemicals. Her colleagues on the mission care only about the diamonds they've discovered, but Cassie wonders how these plants, and nothing else, thrive in such a dark and barren environment. It's a puzzle that recalls lessons from her wise shaman grandfather. 
In the society where young sprout Pepper lives, knowledge and memories are preserved in the thick trunks of the Elders, whose growth rings go back thousands of years. The Elders don't appreciate the upstart Pepper, whose new ideas challenge ages-old wisdom, and they communicate their displeasure in a variety of odors. But when members of the grove are mutilated, abducted, and killed by a scentless and undetectable force, Pepper's penchant for original thought becomes their only hope for survival.

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